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SABER®- FORSST® MRCS: The Anatomy of a True Modular Rifle Chassis System (MRCS)

February 7, 2019


More than 10 years ago Ashbury set about the development of a modular rifle chassis to enhance the functionality of production and custom bolt action rifles for recreational, tactical, competition and target shooting.  Inspiration for the truly modular SABER®-FORSST® platform came from a number of likely and unlikely sources.


Having spent thousands of man-hours shooting international shotgun sports, we saw firsthand how a properly fitted shotgun [shoulder stock] made the difference between success and failure in demanding games like Helice, International Bunker Trap, Box Birds, International Skeet, FITASC and Sporting Clays.  On many occasions we noted that good stock makers were highly sought after, perhaps even more so than premium over and under barreled actions themselves.








Products come to market for a variety of reasons, some great and some not so much!  Really, how could any experienced outdoorsman be without the ever popular Ron Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman!  The SABER Folding Rifle Stock System Tactical (FORSST®) was born from a need by shooters to have the same versatility from a bolt gun, that was available from Modern Sporting Rifles (read AR) and more…APO’s design parameters for the SABER rifle chassis were defined by a broad range of dedicated bolt action rifle users in the following ten specific terms in the context of improvements:

  • Ergonomic Fit

  • Shootability

  • Accuracy

  • Modularity

  • Maneuverability

  • Transportability

  • Inter-Operability

  • Durability

  • Maintainability

  • Repair-ability

Ashbury’s systematic approach to the development of a truly modular rifle chassis system for small, medium and large caliber rifles led to our company being awarded to date twenty utility and design patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office in Washington DC on the SABER rifle chassis.



SABER modular rifle chassis are manufactured to ISO-9001-2008 specifications by skilled American machinists and craftsmen with aerospace grade aluminum alloys, carbon reinforced composites and pre-preg carbon fiber materials sourced right here in these United States.


Traversing the landscape of materials analysis has been a very interesting journey for Ashbury’s engineering team, as we constantly balance cost vs. performance and manufacturability.  This includes our molds and tooling necessary to produce the best possible, American made products, for our customers.


Ergonomic Shoulder Stocks

Ashbury considers the shoulder stock the primary “man-machine” interface between a rifle and the shooter.  It therefore must “fit” the shooter, so the shooter can confidently, comfortably, and correctly acquire targets using proper sight alignment, follow through and good marksmanship procedures.  Ashbury offers three (3) different, ergonomically adjustable shoulder stocks with both tooled and tool-less adjustments.  These include HTA (Hand Tool Adjustable), TASS (Tactically Adjustable Shoulder Stock) and PBA-H (Push Button Adjustable Hybrid).  Adjustments include cheek piece height, length of pull, and recoil pad drop.  Each shoulder stock uses a premium Limbsaver® recoil pad and comes standard with a Butt Hook, which is interchangeable with an optional rapidly adjustable and very stable field Monopod.  In 2016 we’ve also added a retractable, folding Magpul® AR shoulder stock!


Shoulder Stock Joints

The SABER chassis design offers shooters several different shoulder stock joints to include: fixed alloy, stainless steel folding lockable, double locking alloy, and detachable joints.  Each mechanism is similar in design, does not change the length of pull when installed, is non-twisting and extremely stable.  All shoulder stock joints are interchangeable and can be reconfigured with simple hand tools and just a little mechanical ability.  Folding shoulder stocks are getting a lot of attention these days with predator hunters that break their rifles down and stow them in their backpack and practical rifle competitors that use shorter carbine length rifle cases.



Center Chassis Sections

The heart of the SABER modular rifle chassis system is today manufactured in 55+ models for seventeen different production and custom bolt action rifle manufacturers.  One of the most notable features of the SABER Center Chassis Section is that no bedding is required to attain optimal accuracy from a bolt action receiver.  Since no bedding is used or required, there is no bedding that can break down, require annual maintenance and compromise accuracy.  Ashbury’s engineers sought to maximize the surface contact between each precision engineered Center Chassis Section and the corresponding bolt action receiver resulting in solid surface to surface contact.  The translation you ask?  Better accuracy period!


The “one size fits all” approach is not a characteristic of the SABER MRCS platform, as our primary emphasis is on an engineered precision fit.  You can select calibers from .223 to 50BMG with combinations of 5rd and 10rd detachable box magazines all with ambidextrous magazine releases.  Right and left hand models are standard.  Ashbury’s Center Chassis Sections can be interchanged between different length bolt action receivers, a patented feature unique to the SABER rifle chassis platform.