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APO's New Riflecraft Experience: Extreme Long Range Shooting & Teamwork Success

May 5, 2016

by Adam Wilson

1MOA Solutions



Recently I had the opportunity to travel to South Florida to team teach a new precision rifle course, Riflecraft 450: Extreme Long Range Precision Rifle training program at the ALTAIR Training Solutions facility with Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg. (APO).  Ashbury, well known for its patented SABER® modular rifle chassis and high performance precision rifles, has worked closely with experienced precision rifle training specialists, combat veteran military snipers and professional hunters to construct a series of unique Riflecraft marksmanship courses for its many clients.


This particular APO Riflecraft program was a custom course being taught by myself and Matthew Peterson, Ashbury Precision Ordnance’s Product Development Coordinator for client Jim Field.  Field recently purchased a custom ASW-375CT Ultra Long Range (ULR) Precision Tactical Rifle from Ashbury after only being introduced to long range shooting in 2015 at a class I taught at the NRA Whittington Center in New Mexico.  Field is a retired apparel industry executive and former cowboy action shooting enthusiast who considers ultra-long range shooting a new and compelling challenge he can work towards overcoming.


Working together as a team over several intensive days, the three of us quickly surpassed our initial training goals and Field ultimate