Precision Bolt Action Rifles

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Only Accurate Rifles are Interesting

Colonel Townsend Whelen

Precision, Accuracy, Consistency, Quality, Comfort and Shootability are all terms used to describe custom precision firearms built by Ashbury Precision Ordnance Manufacturing.  Ashbury custom rifles and pistols are defined by solid engineering, premium quality components, precision machining, experienced gunsmithing and a relentless dedication to building exceptionally accurate firearms for our customers.

Ashbury’s Veteran US military gunsmiths, armorers and proud American craftsmen combine their in-depth knowledge, refined skills and extensive experience to create firearms designed for personal protection and home defense to

recreational, hunting, extreme long range, and multi-sport target shooting.  Ashbury listens intently to each customer’s desires, and works with each customer to design and deliver a custom crafted firearm that meets their personal requirement. Allow Ashbury the opportunity to make your dream gun build a reality.


Premium Grade, All-Weather, Wood-Chassis Stocked Traditional Hunting Rifles


High-Performance Long & Extreme Long Range Precision Rifles


Rugged, Dependable, Precision Performance in Calibers from .223 Rem to .408CT