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Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg.
SABER® Modular Rifle Chassis System


GunStock Reviews - "SABER MRCS-AR Lightweight Rifle Chassis" Video


6.5 Guys - "Modular Rifle Chassis Uses AR Shoulder Stocks & Hand Guards" Video


FMG Productions  - "SABER® Savage 10/110 MRCS" Video


Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement  - "Rifle Enhancements Made Easy" Article


TacticalLife.com - "SABER Enhanced Factory Rifles" Article


TacticalLife.com - "Ready to Rock in Pink .223" Article


Rifle Firepower - "Remington M700" Article


SABER® FORSST® MRCS Remington M700 Installation Video

APO Precision Rifles


Sniper's Hide Special Edition SABER M700 ERT Rifle Video


GunStock Reviews - "SABER M700 Review" Video


GunStock Reviews - "SABER M700 308TR Tactical Rifle" Video


RealWorld Survivor "Ashbury SABER M700: An Everyday Rifle for Hunting, Rural Defense" Article


Predatorxtreme - "SUPRA Makes AR Predator Hunters Rethink Preferred Shooting Platform" Article


6.5 Guys - "APO Precison Rifles at SHOT Show 2017" Video


Down Range Daily - "SHOT Show 2017: Savage Ashbury Precision Rifle" Video


8541 Tactical - "Savage Ashbury Precision Rifle" Video


My Gun Culture - "Savage Introduces Model 10 Savage Ashbury Precison Rifle" Article


Tactical Life.com - "Ashbury Releases SPR-308 & SPR-308K1 Rifles" Article


Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement - "SPR-308K1 Special Application Rifle" Article


Tactical Life.com - "FTR-308 Patriot Rifle" Article


GUNS Magazine - "Asymmetric Warrior ASW338 Lapua Magnum" Article


Special Weapons for Military & Police - "ASW50 Tactical Rifle from APO" Article


Guns Magazine - "ASW338 Lapua Magnum" Article


Tactical Life.com - "Ashbury TCR-Tactical Competition Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor" Article


Tactical Weapons - "APO SuperSport XLR .375 CheyTac" Article


Special Weapons - "APO TCR .300 Win Mag" Article


ShootingResources.com - "SHOT Show Media Day on the Range" Video


Shooting Illustrated - "Media Day on the Range" Video


SnipersHide.com - ASW308/M40E Product Demonstration Video


Extreme Long Range Shooting - ASW338 Lapua Magnum at 1527 yards Video


ASW50 Demonstration Video

APO Custom Shop


GunStock Reviews - "Building Pistols with Co-Witnessed Reflex and Iron Sights" Video


USA Network: Shooter Series - "APO Builds Custom Tactical Rifles for New TV Series" Video


USA Network: Shooter Series - "APO Builds Custom Tactical Rifles for New TV Series" Press Release


SHWAT.com - "My Journey to the Red Dot Sight Equipped Pistol with APO Custom" Article


DefenseReview.com - "Optically-Enhanced, Suppresor-Ready Combat/Tactical Pistols" Video


DefenseReview.com  - "Optically-Enhanced, Suppresor-Ready Combat/Tactical Pistols" Article


FMG Video Productions - "Custom Pistols from the APO Custom Shop" Video

SABER® Bolt Action Receivers


American Gunsmithing Association - "2015 SHOT Show Interview" Video

RifleSports Accessories


Tactical Gun Review - "RSTA-II Tripod Review" Article


Outdoor Life - "TACT-3 Tactical Tripod Review" Article


APO Tactical Tripod Kit Orientation Video

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